Anita R.

“Shaneka is truly an inspiration. She is the real deal. Now assisting me with decluttering. I’m excited about the impact her involvement in my life has created. Already seeing the results. I highly recommend. 5 stars”

Janice B.

“Faithfully Destressed has completely changed my life. Having an organized, uncluttered space allows me to be focused, calm, and relaxed. I can finally enjoy my home and less is definitely more…more time to spend with loved ones or doing things I have not been able to do. I highly recommend Faithfully Destressed for anyone looking for peace of mind. “

April G.

“I was very good at just throwing things in my closet and letting that be that. I would always avoid the space because it was overwhelming and I had way too many clothes but no place for them. Faithfully Destressed helped me declutter and find a place for every item that needed one. I’m so thankful for the help of Faithfully Destressed because that is one area in my place that caused the most stress for me that I avoided daily! Thanks Shaneka for your hard work, I am a satisfied customer and I hope to work with you again! “

Verenda K.

“Shaneka is kind, patient, and reliable. She will help you get organized and find the root issue to why you aren’t organized. Call her today”