A closet strategist is a person skilled in the area of wardrobe. I believe your inward beliefs affects how you show up on the outside. Your wardrobe is an outward expression of how you feel about yourself on the inside. We will discuss how you feel about your current wardrobe, develop a strategy to reinvent, and declutter the old to embrace the new!

Have you said any of these statements lately? If so, this service is for you!

·         I spend too much time in the mornings trying to find clothes

·         I need to organize my closet, BUT I just don’t have time

·         I have no idea where to start with organizing.

·         I can’t find anything, my closet is so overwhelming.

Virtual Assistant

Are you willing to do the work yourself? I can help you get started.  Virtual assistance is now available. Tips provided for:

·         How to start and maintain an organized closet?

·         How to eliminate unhealthy storage habits?

·         How to manage my time/ schedule?

·         Much more!