Three Keys to Destressing Your Life

It’s May already and time is flying!!  We are five months into 2019. How are you feeling mentally and emotionally? Are you overwhelmed, or discouraged?  Often time we can focus more on the outer goals rather than our inner goals. My inner goal for May is to keep my stress level down. Here are some practical ways I plan to walk this out:


1.       Understanding who I am in Christ. I heard a quote from one of my favorites on IG, Natalie Manuel Lee, “If you don’t know who you are or where you’re from, you will never know why you’re here” This quote changed my life!! So, I’ve been making it my mission to study who Christ says I am.  Here are some of my daily affirmations: I am a child of God. I am a faith-filled, life speaking, fully devoted Christ follower. I am made in God’s image. I am a blessing. I exist to serve and glorify Christ. I am a new creation in Christ. The Lord is my Shepherd and I know His voice.  I am forgiven. My record is wiped clean. My life is a witness, a city on a hill. My value is not based on what I do, but what Jesus did. The world will be different and better today because I serve Jesus.

When you know who you are in Christ, this sets you on a firm foundation. When the rejection comes, when they say no, when things don’t go as planned, you won’t fold because you will know all things are working together for your good.


2.        Putting God first in EVERYTHING. I know this is so easy to say but here is how I’ve been walking this out. When I wake up, the first thing I do during my morning routine is spend time with God. I pray, read my bible plan, and listen to worship music. This is giving God the first part of my day. Putting him first in my finances is me paying my tithes before I pay anything else. Read Malachi 3:10 NLT. I can’t explain it; all I can say is try it! Putting God first in my relationship looks like me and my boyfriend reading God’s word together through a bible plan. We pray together, watch sermons together, talk about our struggles and remind each other of God’s promises. Our goal is to keep Christ at the center. I hope these examples provided you with insight on how to practically start with putting God first in different areas.


3.       Focus on ONE thing.  When I first started my organizing business, I would organize everything. Now, I’ve scaled back to only organizing closets because it’s my strength. Me just focusing on closets allowed time to really get to know my strengths and put in the time to grow into a closet strategist. Find your one thing and give it your all. I know it looks cool to be good at a lot of things but that can also lead to burnout.


Here are some questions I want you to ask yourself today: Do I know who I am or am I going by what others tell me? Have I been putting God first in my day to day life? If not, how can I get better at this? Am I all over the place? What is my one thing I can start focusing on today?


I hope these three destressing tips help you on your journey. Living Faithfully Destressed is a lifestyle. Take things one day at a time. Talk to you soon!!