In the Midst

When I envision a place of being in the midst, I visualize a place where it’s too foggy to see anything. You could turn around and go back but the path isn’t visible anymore. You could move forward but you can’t see what’s ahead either. What do you do? Do you stand still and wait? Do you move forward or turn back even though you can’t see?

I’m not sure what your midst is, but I want to encourage you from my midst.

As I’m sitting on my floor in my prayer corner writing this, I just got up from my pity party. You know the thing you do when you get on the floor, you cry, and ask God why. That’s my pity party. My midst looks like me rebranding my business at a time that feels uncomfortable for me. God said to do it, so I had to be obedient. My midst is having to trust God for every penny, never certain about when the next dollar Is coming in.  My midst is trying to push myself daily to “get things done” even though God told me directly, I need to rest and take care of my physical health in this season.

These are the things I don’t talk about often because it’s hard. It can feel like a weakness at times. In a world that’s always on to the next thing and God is telling me to rest. How do you rest when bills are always in the back of your mind? How do you rest when you feel like you should be getting things done but your body is literally fighting against you? This is my truth, and this is what trusting God really looks like for me.  If it was easy, everyone would do it. But I’ve learned that many are called but few will actually be obedient.

Despite how I feel, what my bank account looks like, and what makes sense to others, I choose to trust God and his faithfulness. As I sit in my prayer corner, I look around at my positive affirmations and scriptures that I wrote for myself to go back to when I’m in the midst.

When times get tough, you must have something that will bring you back around to remind you to trust God and his faithfulness. If he did it before, He will do it again. I’m not sure when, but I will trust that it will be in the right moment.

So what’s your midst?  I challenge you to create a space in your home where you can go and remind yourself of God’s faithfulness. My sacred space is literally a corner I cleaned out in my closet on the floor with a comforter and some pillows. I have affirmations all around that say God is my provider and not man. I am healthy and strong. My business is successful, impactful, and is changing the world.

Here are some practical next steps for you:

Create a sacred space

Put up 3 affirmations for whatever situation you are going through. Read and write Isaiah 43: 18-19 NLT and put this up as well.

Run to that place when you want to give up, read those affirmations, and be reminded that the promise is on the way.

I hope this blog gives you hope tonight. Don’t give up. You are just in the midst. The way will be clear in just a little while. Hold on and Trust God.