Road Trips

It's so easy to measure yourself to someone else's success in life. If it didn't workout for someone else, how could it work out for me? One of the many questions we ask ourselves. We have to remember, God has a unique plan for us all. He didn't call us to be like anyone but ourselves. 

It's easy to take a road when you know someone who is familiar with it. They are able to guide you through it and even tell you what landmarks to look for. But what about the road no one you know has taken before? Do you still go or do you turn around to what's familiar?  

Lately, God has taken me on the road less traveled. Usually I would turn away from things that are unfamiliar because I am a person who dislikes change. But recently I have been traveling in peace. A peace that comes only from God. Because when you know who's traveling with you, you start looking forward to the adventure. 

If God is taking you on an unfamiliar adventure, I would love to hear about it! Please comment, like, and share with a friend. 

Have a blessed week!!