The Time is Now

Attending church as a teenager, I noticed more elderly adults than young adults in attendance. Elderly adults always outnumbered the children, teens, and young adults.

I always thought you had to be older to really experience God. To develop a deep relationship with him. To really understand that he sent his one and only son Jesus to die for us. To understand what the Holy Spirit was.

A lot of people want to be faithful to God and live righteously. But they feel they aren't ready? They focus on what will be taken away from them rather than what will be given to them. Once you let God into your heart, the things you thought you wanted, won't even be desirable anymore. You will be transformed from the inside out.

 So when is right time?

We can never be fully ready...we just have to make the first step. We have to be intentional with God. Make a decision to spend time with him daily. The more time you spend with him, the more you will get to know him. Just like we spend time with friends to get to know them, we should do the same with our Heavenly Father.

The time is NOW to serve God! No matter how old or young you are, you can start now. We may never know when our last day on earth is, but we can prepare ourselves today and be ready. 

You starting now will  influence someone else. Everything we do is influencing someone. It's so easy to influence others in negative ways, but we should strive to influence others in positive ways.  Your family sees you going to church, they may start going to church. You tell a friend you are going to bible study, they may start going with you. Your coworker sees you reading a devotional on your lunch break, they may ask where to get one. 

 God is waiting for you to make that first step. You can be the change for our generation.  The next generation needs someone like you. Make that step!