Stepping Stones

It's seven weeks into the new year, and I have to admit I feel a little off balanced in some areas of my life. I set some goals at the beginning of the year, and a few of them have been difficult to commit to.

So I decided to sit and write down some of the areas I need to be more committed to.

1. Finances-being a good steward of my money and being faithful with what I've been given. 

2. Relationship with Jesus- making time to spend with Jesus daily in the mist of my busyness.

3. Dreams- not losing sight of my dreams when it seems they are taking longer to happen than I expected.

4. Working out- being consistent with working out three times a week.

As I reviewed my list, I noticed that all these areas can work together.  Instead of focusing on them separately, I look at them as stepping stones to each level I want to achieve.

Starting with my relationship with Jesus, I know I must put Jesus first daily. As soon as my eyes open, I will pray and thank Him for the day and express gratitude.  Maybe even listen to some worship music. After work, I will set aside time to just sit in silence and let Him speak to me. Before bed, just thanking Him for all he has done, express my worries and concerns, and leave all else at his feet.

Me being consistent with putting Him first daily shows I can be consistent with anything. My body is a temple, which means I need to take care of it. Working out will be looked through the lens of me taking care of God's temple.

Remembering to keep God first and being consistent with my finances means that I will tithe faithfully. Tithing is me returning the 10% God has blessed me with back to him. Creating and sticking to a budget shows that I am being smart with my money. Giving to others when God prompts me to is another priority when it comes to my finances.

All three of these areas contribute to me following my dreams. Keeping God first helps me to gain wisdom and faith to take next steps. I will be able to hear him clearly. Working out keeps my body in shape so whatever the plan God has for me, I will have the energy to complete it. Being a good steward of my money now will prepare for even bigger financial blessings God has in store for me. Me focusing on these things keeps my focus off the wait it takes for my dreams to come true.

I realize it is all a process that is preparing me for the next level God is taking me to.

Keeping him first is the fuel I need to be able to achieve all else I want in life.

I pray this blog inspires and motivates you to never give up! You may have failed this week at some of your goals but let that be a reason to sit down and reevaluate them . Make them simple and realistic.

2017 is our year! We got this!