Moving Forward

A question that I am often asked is how do I stay faithful to God in a world full of temptation? It's easy to get distracted with things that aren't of God. It's easy to crave attention or give attention to the wrong things. It's easy to become lost in this world.

The truth is even when I mess up... it does slow me down but I never stop moving forward.

Think of a train for instance, even if it has to stop, eventually it has to move forward again. It has a destination to get to.

Just like a train, I have a destination to get to as well. My destination is heaven.

Attending a good Bible based church weekly keeps me moving forward. Hearing God's word and being around other believers has really strengthened my walk with Christ. I've been attending church regularly for six years now. My church has helped me understand the benefits of walking with Christ which now makes me want live a life that pleases Him.

I have developed trustworthy relationships with members of my church. When I've made a mistake, I know that I can go to one of my  friends and trust that they will point me into Christ's direction.

Having a relationship with Jesus is also important. I look to Him as a friend as well.  To develop this intimate relationship with him, I had to spend time with him. Reading my bible, understanding how powerful he is, and how he wants to bless me. Praying is having a conversation with him. I talk with him all throughout the day.  

When I sin, I know I can go to God and tell him how I've messed up. He already knows, but he wants us to confess it. I acknowledge my wrong, ask him for forgiveness, and ask him to help me do better. That's all we can do. Nothing is too bad for God not to forgive us. NOTHING!  Carrying guilt or shame from what you did yesterday, two days ago, or even five years ago is not healthy for you.  What you did may have been horrible, but you aren't a horrible person. So confess that sin, leave it at the Cross, and never look back.

Instead of looking at your mistakes as taking steps back, look at them as a stopping point. It's where you stop and figure out what direction you are headed towards. Going backwards isn't an option, we must keep moving forward.