I've had a small plant in my apartment for almost a year now.  A week after I got it, I noticed the leaves began to brown and it started to lean over. It was my first plant so I wasn't very knowledgeable about a plant' s needs.  It seemed lifeless and needed some love. So I gave it some water, opened my blinds to give it sunlight, and began to speak life over it. 

As I completed these steps, God reminded me that these three steps were essential to my life as well.

The water represents the bible. Water helps a plant by transporting important nutrients through the plant. The bible feeds me wisdom to apply to all areas of my life. Every answer I need is within the pages of the bible. It helps me grow into all God needs me to be.

The sunlight represents God shinning his light into me. A plant receives  it's energy from sunlight. The action of me opening the blinds is me opening my heart to God. Expressing to Him what's on my heart and in my heart, while I let him do the changing. Him shinning his light into me, changes me. I am becoming his reflection. I am less of what I use to be, and more of what he wants me to become.

Speaking life over the plant represents me needing to speak life over myself daily. Speaking life over your plants is something I learned from my grandma. I've always observed her speak life over her plants, and they are beautiful and bold.  Your words have power. Everything you say will show up in your life.  If I am speaking from abundance, my life will reflect abundance. Faith comes by hearing, so what you are speaking over yourself is what comes to pass.

A plant can't grow without healthy roots. So how is your life any different? I challenge you to take a look at your roots and see what needs to be nourished. Maybe you need to read your bible more so that you will be fueled with wisdom for what comes your way. Maybe you need to open your heart to God, and let Him shine his light into you. Or maybe you need to replace your negative self talk with positive affirmations.

Continue to grow yourself daily, and stay rooted in Christ.