Today I decided to clean out my fridge in my apartment, it was long overdue. I had been putting it off for weeks so in my free time, I decided to just do it. 

As I'm cleaning, I start to see more space free to refill with some healthier options. It really made me feel good to see so much empty space. 

After cleaning my fridge, I decided to also clean out my freezer. I found so many things that I knew I either wouldn't eat or wouldn't be good for my body so I decided to throw it all out.

In the process of me cleaning out  my freezer, God speaks to me and says, "You have to make room for the new or it will only get thrown on top of the old." 

This lead me to think about my own life. I want something new. For instance, I want to develop a positive mindset. I start replacing my negative thoughts with positive affirmations. I start reading my bible more and meditating on God's word. However, If I'm still gossiping with friends about others,  hanging around negative people, listening to negative music, or watching negative shows eventually my old mindset will return. 

Placing new things over top of old things just creates clutter. We have to purge out the old method of doing things and replace it with new, healthier habits.

Maybe you want to develop healthier eating habits or a healthier lifestyle in general.

Remember to first identify what you need to eliminate to make room for what you need to incorporate.