Road to Recovery

Don't be afraid to ask for help. Sometimes asking for help can feel like a weakness. I'm the strong one. I'm the encourager . I'm suppose to be able to get through this. What is your this?

My this is financial failure. This explains exactly how I feel, like a failure when it comes to the topic of finances. I should have known better. I know to save more than I spend. Easier said than done. What if you feel like you are working so hard but have nothing to show for it. How can I even think about saving when I have all these bills that demand my hard earned money. 

Working. Don't even get me started. What if you feel called to do more but you aren't sure how to get there. You have a God sized dream but you aren't sure how to connect the dots. Lord, there has to be more to working instead of feeling like you're working to just pay bills and die. 

Health. I  look great on the outside but in the inside I feel so much discomfort. How do I go from taking one daily vitamin tablet a day to taking six pills a day to feel like my normal self again. A simple stomach pain turned into a chronic inflammatory bowel disease. How do I even begin to heal from this?

But, there is Hope ! God has created people here on Earth to help your through your failures, mistakes, and even help you walk out your dreams. People who have experienced life where you are now and have come out on the other side. They are willing to help you see that there is hope and walk beside you on your journey. 

God created hope for me!

I was introduced to my life coach when I was in the midst of all these trials. She's showing me how to  connect the dots of life. She's helping me create a new life for myself. Pointing me to Christ, who has been opening doors to my dreams ever since I started this life work.

My life coach connected me to my financial advisor. She's helping me to see that money touches all aspects of life. I'm learning how my relationship with money was formed, and  how to reestablish the relationship in a way that supports this new life that I am creating for myself. 

Health, well I'm still working on that. I know my part is to choose healthier foods and to exercise to take care of my Temple God has blessed me with. Health includes my mental health too so I stay connected to my source, which is Jesus.  Jesus is my source so I can be a source of life to others. I also believe that healing is on the way for me!

I tell you my story to encourage you to not be afraid to ask for help. We aren't meant to go through life alone. God has created specific people to help you on your journey, but you have to be willing to ask for the help you need. 

I can't wait to be on the other side some day. I will be able to help people who are in the midst of their own trials. To let them know, there is hope on the road to recovery!